Our Inspirtional Favorites for Yours in Weddings!

burlaplacebowKeeping the design simple, crisp and classic is best when creating a wedding theme.  Our recommendation to all our budget conscious wedding couples.  Make your day memorable!

Yes, burlap and white lace look just perfect together for that special touch at a wedding ceremony.


campinglanternscocktail tablesMaybe add a little glow with Fairy white lights under high tops to spark your cocktail hour.





whitehangingballoonsHere is an accent you might like. Add a stone in white balloons before inflating and hangng on tree branches. A stunning statement.




For a personal touch, add a purple lavender stemlavendar place cards on your guest’s place card.




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How to Use “Radiant Orchid Color of the Year” in Weddings

purple-carnations-billy-balls-bouquet purple invitationRadiant orchid was chosen for this year’s color by the staff of Pantone (www.pantone.com) the people responsible for choosing “color of the year.” And every year, everyone finds ways to add the trendy color into their lifestyle; their homes or landscaping, in the clothes they wear and even in the cosmetics they choose.

One reason why you might want to use this color for weddings is because it goes well with most other shades. But you can also mix it with softer color tones like pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow. To get ideas for mixing orchid with other colors, I took an orchid shirt and put it on the table and surrounded it with different color pieces of fabrics. I quickly saw how good orchid looked with blue, pale pink, yellow, aqua, celery green, chocolate brown and gray.

If you wish your bridesmaids not to wear radiant orchid, think about using it as an accent color. You could have an orchid ribbon for a belt on your bridesmaids’ dress, or take a bunch of flowers and wrap them in orchid ribbon. You can also use the ribbon to wrap around the neck of a mason jar and put flowers inside.

The reception is a great place to add this great color and show your unique style. Imagine guests walking into your reception seeing pops of radiant orchid color throughout the room. It may be in the floral centerpiece, the table linen or chair covers. Add radiant orchid color flowers to your wedding cake or offer radiant orchid color signature drinks. There are so many other areas and accessories to add the orchid touch to, the choices are endless and the color is ever so trendy. So go ahead and have fun! Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.


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Do I Need a Wedding Planner

Getting married? Do you know what it takes to plan a wedding? Whether a small or large wedding many bridal couples realize soon enough the costly mistakes, how much time, research and stress it takes. Unless you are extremely organized, you have lots of time on your hands, are genuinely creative, and you know where, what, who and how to research the numerous vendors AND manage the countless wedding details, consider looking into hiring a professional wedding planner.

But before deciding whether a professional wedding planner is right for you, do your research. The misconception many bridal couples have is all wedding planners provide the same services. But in actuality there is a difference.

The professional wedding planner is an expert in the wedding industry; who saves you much time and money, has the training and contacts that will help make your dream wedding a reality. More importantly, the professional wedding planner works for YOU handling any or all the details of your wedding. Her/His roles include:

Advisor: as an expert knows all about weddings; etiquette, style, trends, designs.
Coordinator: provide professional vendor contacts from florist to caterer, to meet your style and budget.
Supervisor: work with other vendor professionals you have chosen to be sure details are as you wish, while you are worry free.
Financial overseer: help organize your wedding with you in mind by keeping within a budget with ideas to stretch your dollar.
Mediator: ability to diplomatically smooth disagreements or misunderstanding between friends, families, ex-families and step-families. Give support during the times when you need it most.

Simply put, the venue “planner” works for the VENUE not you. Some of their duties may include making sure food is served at a timely manner, rearranging seating or overseeing the wait staff responsibilities, not details such as the wrong flowers were delivered, the DJ has not arrived, or the photographer can’t find bridal party members. A professional wedding planner communicates together with the Venue planner to ensure your wedding details are in place and your reception is everything you wish for.

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Location, Location, Location

The Groton School Historic Chapel

The Groton School Historic Chapel

Location – Location – Location

These are buzz words for real estate – and they apply to reception sites too.  After setting the date reserving the venue is something to do sooner than later.  There is much to consider when researching for the best place to have your reception.

 Wedding size

All planning starts with the size of the wedding.  A majestic cathedral will look empty if you’re inviting 150 guests.  Similarly, shoe-horning 300 guests into a tiny country church that only seats 200 because you have a sentimental attachment to it is pure madness.

Little tip:  if the site is oversize, see that the ushers escort guests to sit in each pew by the aisle.  When the bride enters, there will be smiling faces from front to back.  It will also prevent empty spots in background of all your photos.


Efficiency rules at most hotels but ballrooms can look barren.  You may want to warm them up by introducing a little extra by way of decoration.

Little tip:  in sites that seem large or cold, artificial or live trees strung with warm white lights give immediate charm.

 Private Homes

The charm of a private home is evident and doesn’t need embellishment. The downside is the pressure it puts on the homeowner (unless it is a very small family wedding.)

Little tip:  be ruthless about moving out and placing in temporary storage much of your furniture.  Rent small chairs for the service so there is consistency in the look and economy of space.

 Historic homes

These provide great charm and, under sound management, staff will be helpful with ironing out the details.  They will have strict rules about the hours you have access to the home and when you must leave, so if you’re looking for an all-night-party, this isn’t the venue for you.

Little tip:  most are very restrictive about the use of candles.  Be sure to clarify the policy because many brides have spent a fortune on candle groupings and on the wedding day, were not allowed to light them.

 Country clubs

Clubs are accustomed to catering to special events and usually are well-appointed.  Be certain to have a dinner at the club to ensure that it has a good chef.  (Some great golf courses are not well served by their kitchens.)

Little trick:  become friendly with the chef.  Take him (or her) into your confidence and encourage them to reveal their specialties and what will make the menu original – from appetizer to dessert.


These can be the most romantic sites of all, but also the most costly.  You must have a backup in case of bad weather, such as a tent with sidewalls, flooring and gutters (unless there is an indoor option at the site).

Little tip:  the garden supplies the trees and flowers, but it is effective to create a little bower that will act as an outdoor altar. Don’t forget a table for signing the register.

 Lodge or church hall

These can be barren and need a little finery.  If chairs are unattractive, pay a little extra and rent good-looking chairs.  See that the tables are draped with attractive linens.

Little tip:  cut any overhead lighting and use many candles to set the scene.



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Make Sure She Says YES!

AAR by angela
Angela Hastings
Professional Wedding Planner

You have the perfect engagement ring. Next comes planning the Proposal.
This is one of the most exciting moments of your life. Feel nervous or unsure if you are doing it the right way or the way she always envision it to be? Before you drop to your knees and say those four words, here are some tips.

Is it something you both want? You want her to be thrilled with joy when you ask her to marry you. So take the time and have those conversations now.
We highly recommend this respectful gesture. Especially if she is close to her parents or she is a bit more traditional.
Even though you had conversations or ideas of getting married, and even if she is involved in choosing her engagement ring, we believe that the Proposal should be a surprise. Girls, who say they don’t love surprises, truly do.
Be prepared. Chances are you are going to be nervous. Those four words may seem simple. Say it aloud; perhaps on one knee. If you have a lot to say, write it down. You want to sound smooth and confident.
Where did you meet? Is it special? Is it personal? Do you have a favorite activity? Have you or she dreamed about that certain somewhere to go? When choosing the spot, make sure it has meaning.
There are hundreds of proposal ideas. Take the time to plan out your proposal and combine your, and her, personality, style into it – go down on one knee. May sound cliché – but if you ask any woman, most will say she expects her man to propose from one knee. Guys, this is an easy way to be charming and romantic.
Have a plan to celebrate? Have you thought what comes next? We highly recommend making this moment last all night with a life time of memories. Choosing the setting is crucial. You may have plans made at a restaurant with celebratory champagne. Or already have a plan in mind with friends and family. When planning all those details yourself here are three important Don’ts…..to keep in mind.

Don’t Tell Too Many People Beforehand
Be careful confiding in her mother, sister or best friend. Be equally careful in confiding in your best friend especially when you are feeling stressed out and nervous. The more people you tell, the more risk there is she will hear about it.
Don’t Over-Do It
We recommend to plan, be creative and practice. But do not go to extremes where your behavior is strange and she gets suspicious. Remember to make sure what you planned fits both your personalities.
Don’t Assume Public Is The Way To Go
It may look fabulous in the movies or TV, or may be what everyone does but big, splashy proposals may not be what she truly wants. Most women actually prefer an ultimate and personal moment.

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